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Стандарт GSM не обеспечивает должного уровня безопасности телефонных разговоров. Разговор может быть прослушан через оператора связи, через различные активные, полуактивные и пассивные комплексы перехвата GSM.

Мы предлагаем вам программy для защиты разговора по сотовому телефону от прослушивания:

Secure Voice GSM — для защиты разговоров на базе Symbian

Secure Voice GSM

Technical Data

Voice encryption algorithm: AES 256/AES256 or ARC4;
Key exchange algorithm: Diffie-Hellman 4096;
Call authentication algorithm: RSA 1024 key;
Voice compression: AMR-NB 4.75 Kbps;
Voice encryption encoding: End-to-end, Full-duplex;
Roaming support: Yes;
Man in the middle protection: Yes.

Please make sure that the Data Call (CSD) facility is enabled on your SIM card, otherwise the Secure Voice GSM software will not work.

User Interface

Secure Voice GSM has intuitive interface, works reliably in the background and uses very little system resources. Some software screenshots can be seen below.




1. Main application screen: you can either enter a phone number manually or select one from the phone's contact list




2. By pressing the dial button the Secure Voice GSM software starts to establish a secure connection with another cell phone (installed Secure Voice GSM is required).




3. Once connected, the authentication process starts.




4. Once authentication is successful, the key exchanging process begins.




5. Encrypted connection is established successfully. You may now start your conversation in secure mode!




We have worked hard to make wide list of devices available for you to use with Secure Voice.
However please be sure that the devices are compatible with Secure Voice on Your GSM Network.

Please also try to use first of all devices that are 100% compatible and that we have tested personally before trying the possible compatible ones.

Tested Devices:

Nokia Series 60 3rd edition:

• Nokia N Series
• Nokia N71
• Nokia N73
• Nokia N73 Music Edition
• Nokia N75
• Nokia N76*
• Nokia N77*
• Nokia N78*
• Nokia N79*
• Nokia N80
• Nokia N81
• Nokia N81 8GB*
• Nokia N82*
• Nokia N85*
• Nokia N91
• Nokia N91 8GB*
• Nokia N93
• Nokia N93i*
• Nokia N95*
• Nokia N95 8GB*
• Nokia N95-3 NAM*
• Nokia N96*
• Nokia N96-3*

• Nokia E Series
• Nokia E50
• Nokia E51*
• Nokia E60
• Nokia E61
• Nokia E61i*
• Nokia E62
• Nokia E66*
• Nokia E70
• Nokia E71*
• Nokia E90*

         • Nokia 5320 XpressMusic*
• Nokia 5700 XpressMusic*
• Nokia 6110 Navigator*
• Nokia 6120*
• Nokia 6121*
• Nokia 6124 Classic*
• Nokia 6210 Navigator*
• Nokia 6220 Classic*
• Nokia 6290*
• Nokia 6650*

Nokia S60 2nd Edition

• Nokia 6630
• Nokia 6680
• Nokia 6681
• Nokia N70
• Nokia N72
• Nokia N90

* Devices marked with asterisks have to be checked on compatibility with your GSM network first.
Probably, we will ask you to make a special test for obtaining the right parameters of CSD in your country, to make a special version for the devices marked with *




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